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What’s the New Traditions after Coronavirus Pandemic?

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-Still not wearing a N95 mask/ surgical mask ? -Unfortunately, you might be the next to die.

-Where can I buy a 3M N95 mask/respirator at a sale price? Amazon, E-bay, or other shop?

-Are face masks really reusable?


According to the WHO report, the number of global COVID-19 cases has hit more than 1 MILLION 2 Million.

And the number is still growing fast every day and night.

As we all know, the world has been swiped by the corona virus COVID-19 in 2020.


If you want to survive yourself and your families, the following guideline should be taken seriously and routinely in the foreseen future:

  1. #Wear proper masks(N95/KN95/FFP2/KF94 approved)

  2. #Wash your hands more often and more thoroughly

  3. #Keep social distancing

Last Friday, President Trump announced the CDC recommendation that everyone wears a simple, cloth face covering while out in public.

But in fact, a simple cloth face covering, that’s far from enough and effectiveness.

A surgical mask should be the bottom line of personal protectiveness.

And a N95 mask is of great necessity in crowded or other highly-risk-exposed-to-coronavirus situations.

FAQS about protectiveness against coronavirus

What’s a N95 Mask?

N95 face mask, also recognised as N95 respirator, is a kind of filter which guarantees you inhale clear air through the filter layers.

And the percentage of very small particles(0.3 micron) filtered is above 95%. If properly fitted, the filtration capabilities of N95 respirators exceed those of face masks. 

The particles we are talking about includes dust, bacteria and even the vicious coronavirus(aka COVID-19)!

Why must we wear a N95 mask?

As is recommended by CDC and FDA,

Where to buy a N95 mask?

As is known to all, the inventory of such important medical stuff is pretty low in the whole world. And most of the products have been enforced to supply to hospitals even in Amazon or e-bay.

So for a common citizen, you can only DIY masks. Well, it might be fun to do it but sadly just in vain.
Why not come to us,
the Bettershop online store, to purchase N95 masks or other gears of great necessity right away!

You are just one-click away from the personal protective stuffs which have been already sold out in your nearby drug-stores.

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